All poster presenters are required to upload their poster(s) to the online Call4Posters® poster printing service. Your username and password will be emailed to you. This service is absolutely FREE!  Please click here for information regarding poster submission. Call4Posters® poster reproduction service can also produce, print and ship your poster directly to the symposium for free. This simple, convenient online service is completely underwritten by SABCS.  It allows you to produce a poster or upload a completed poster.  PLEASE NOTE: Even if you prefer not to utilize the production service, SABCS still requires that your poster file be uploaded.  The recommended poster size is 84"w x 42"h (213 cm w x 107 cm h).

Posters will be made available to attendees and the interested professional community through a QR code which SABCS will assign to each poster. The QR codes will be added to the poster display boards by SABCS staff.

The deadline to upload posters are:
Standard Deadline - December 3, 2015 by 9:00 AM Central Time
Rush Deadline - December 4, 2015 by 9:00 AM Central Time

Posters will be made available on line at the conclusion of each day of the symposium. If you have not opted out of reproductions and wish to do so, please notify the SABCS office at  You agree to give your permission to reproduce your presentation unless you take the action outlined above.


Please refer to the Poster Schedule to confirm your schedule for displaying and attending your poster. The 1st part of your assigned program number indicates the poster session to which it is assigned, the 2nd part is the category section within that session, and the 3rd part is the poster number within that category section (for example, P3-02-05 would be presented in Poster Session 3, as the 5th poster in the 2nd category section). Use your assigned program number whenever referencing your abstract and poster and also whenever contacting the Symposium office.

  • All posters to be presented Wednesday must be posted in Exhibit Hall A-B by 12:00 noon. All posters to be presented Thursday-Friday must be posted in Exhibit Hall A-B by 7:30 am the day of the assigned session. All posters to be presented Saturday must be posted in Exhibit Hall C by 7:30 am.
  • Posters will remain on display the entire day regardless of time of presentation.
  • Remove your poster at the end of the afternoon session approximately 7:00 pm. If presenting on Saturday, remove your poster at 10:30 am. NOTE: If you are unable to remove it personally, please arrange for someone else to do so. Do not leave it up after the afternoon session is over. All posters left after the afternoon session is over will be removed and destroyed.
  • You are required to attend your poster during your assigned poster session.
  • If your travel schedule does not permit you to set up your poster on time or to be present during your assigned session, please notify the symposium office at

It is expected that all presenters will give an unbiased presentation without using product promotion, and will not discuss content or make clinical recommendations in their "conflict-of-interest" area.

Each poster must include the following text:
Header: San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium - December 8-12, 2015 Footer: This presentation is the intellectual property of the author/presenter. Contact them at insert your email address here for permission to reprint and/or distribute.


If for any reason your presentation must be cancelled, notify the symposium office in writing as early as possible by e-mail or fax 210-450-1560. Be sure to mention your assigned program number which appears at the top of your acceptance notification.  Failure to notify will result in activation of the No-Show Policy stated in the Abstract Submission Guidelines.


If you are scheduled to present more than 1 abstract in the same session, it is your responsibility to find a co-author to present the other abstract.

Your poster will be ready to pick up at the 'Poster Pick Up' desk in Bridge Hall. Please visit the registration or information desk in Bridge Hall for further instructions.

Customer Service

Monday thru Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Daylight Time

Customers Within the US: (800) 450-4194 (toll free)
Customers Outside the US: (507) 323-8500


Don't forget to register to attend the meeting. Reserve a room at an official SABCS hotel and get 15% off your registration fee. For information on reserving a hotel room, please click here.

You may register on-line. If you prefer fax or mail, click here to view a registration form. Pre-registration discount ends October 31. REGISTRATION CLOSES NOVEMBER 13 AND RESUMES AT THE SYMPOSIUM ON DECEMBER 8. Symposium badges will be mailed to preregistrants. Upon arrival at the symposium, please present your badge in order to receive symposium materials and badge holder.