2016 SABCS hotel reservations will open March 2016.


Reservations which have been obtained through agencies other than the SABCS Housing Bureau are not guaranteed.  

SABCS participants & exhibitors, past & present, are being contacted by companies who misidentify themselves as offering housing for SABCS .  DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY CONTACTS FROM THESE COMPANIES. Many are attempting to capture your credit card information and will not actually reserve a room. Others will switch your reservation to a substandard hotel. 

When seeking SABCS information or conducting SABCS-related transactions on line, remember that our URL is

If you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 210-450-1550. 

 The following companies misidentify themselves as having rooms in SABCS hotels.

  • A company known as HICORD has posted a website purporting to be SABCS. They are collecting not only hotel reservations but also conference registrations. Do not send any information. This company and their website are in no way affiliated with SABCS. HICORD is associated with several other companies such as HI Destination Management, Holiday India and many more, all based in India and all misidentifying themselves as offering hotel rooms and/or registration. Their operators contact people worldwide, including in the USA.
  • Direct Clic claims to have hotel rooms for SABCS 2017. 
  • Eurolink Tours, otherwise known as Eurolink Medical Congress, claims to have hotel rooms for SABCS 2017.